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About me
I am Stefan, a CTO adviser,

who is excited to support you and your start-up. I provide C-level strategy and consulting services for technology-driven companies of all sizes and stages of expansion.

I am the architect of breakthrough software that continues to deliver results, have built technology teams in start-up, pre-/post-VC, and corporate environments and know how to deliver at all stages.

Me in 1991 on a Commodore PC-30

Me in 1991 hacking on a Commodore PC-30. That was a 12 MHz 80286-based system including a 20MB hard disk, a monochrome text card, 512k of memory on the motherboard and two ​5 14-inch floppy disk drives. I did play a fair amount of Tetris and Digger on this one.

Since i got my i486 DX with 33Mhz, a 105MB hard disk, a VGA graphics card with 512k and 4MB RAM in 1993 i had access to the internet. Besides fiddling with MS DOS and Windows 3.11 i played way too much Commander Keen. Although i started using a mouse back then to play Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island, it should take until 1995 that i upgraded it with a CD-ROM 2x Speed to play the latest games like Command & Conquer and Descent.

The next years i spent writing code, thinking about the best tools available to write code and ensuring those tools are up to date and being used properly, thinking about code that has already been written, reviewing other people’s code, thinking about the best algorithms to accomplish the task needed, revising my own code, planning new features and how they can best be implemented in code, debugging, talking to others about all those things I’ve just mentioned, and so forth. You can read more on LinkedIn

Now i support tech teams by filling the role they need.

This usually involves developing features in the front-end and back-end:

  • Javascript (React, Vue.js, …)
  • Python (Flask, Celery, …)
  • Node.js (Express, Koa, …).

Moreover, i am setting up the technology stack with complete deployment infrastructure for new projects:

  • DX (Docker, Kubernetes, Webpack, … )
  • DB (PostgreSQL, GraphQL, …)
  • Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, …)
  • CI/CD (GitLab, Kubernetes, …)

I enjoy crafting refined user experiences while reducing uncertainty through innovation methods:

  • design thinking
  • lean startup
  • agile methodologies

Furthermore, i lead and mentor the development/product team by planning and executing sprints.

I tend to get INTJ-A or INTP-A in MBTI tests, which makes sense as i am a huge fan of Tim Urban

My network describes me as an efficient, reliable, structured, creative, adaptive, conscious and inspirational engineer possessing technical depth and breadth.

“Avoiding complexity reduces bugs.”

― Linus Torvalds

Do you need technical leadership,

that not only helps you make the right strategic choices, but to help your team adapt and thrive?